Explore the phenomenon of tyranny, dictatorship, and repression across history and culture to spread hope, peace, freedom, and awareness on human rights issues with the Regimes Museum.

The Museum currently provides traveling exhibitions, talks, movie screenings, lecture series, and more that can be tailored to your specific educational needs. If you are interested in having the Regimes Museum come to your school, university, or public event, please contact us at the email below and visit our Education page for more information and further consultation. Our current administrative offices are located in Newport Beach until we find a permanent home so that the collection can be accessed more easily by the public. Until we find a suitable location, this web site and our social media pages will serve as the center for Regimes Museum news, events, and updates.

Regimes Museum Main Office:
567 San Nicolas Dr. #130
Newport Beach CA 92660

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Please direct inquiries to regimesmuseum@gmail.com.

What is the Regimes Museum and why do we study tyranny?
The Museum is the culmination of an effort to collect, preserve, and archive stories, material, and artifacts from a selection of the most notorious regimes of the 20th century. It is both a museum and an educational institution that offers resources to scholars and students with an emphasis on preserving the memories of those who lived under a culture of tyranny and repression and to preserve this history for future generations to interpret and learn from. Much like a Holocaust museum, the Regimes Museum researches and explores topics related to state sponsored terror, war, genocide, democide, and human rights issues in order to enlighten the public and help prevent these events from coming about again in the present and future. The phenomenon of tyranny and repression are common throughout recorded history. Philosophers and enlightened thinkers past and present have written extensively about the issue of authoritarian and totalitarian power structures and their impact on the human domain. With every interview, object, and scholarly research, the Regimes Museum hopes to expand our understanding of tyranny and dictatorship in both the macro historical perspective while simultaneously revealing and preserving for future study and analysis the lives of individuals who experienced the past first hand. Our programs, exhibitions, and research, therefore, aim to enlighten the public on a very important topic.

The content of this museum includes topics of a sensitive nature and may be offensive to some people. All material, physical, audio, and visual, are solely presented and used for scholarly and educational purposes. We do not support or promote the regimes or their ideologies in any way. We seek to present the history of these dictatorships as they were in order for individuals to better comprehend the phenomenon of dictatorship and repression throughout the history of the 20th century and the diverse cultures these entities took root in.

Welcome to the Regimes Museum!