The Regimes Museum’s permanent collection focuses on a selection of the most infamous regimes of the 20th century, some of which have survived into the 21st. Among the many artifacts are books, uniforms, personal items and histories, posters, banners, hardware, ceramics, currency, and printed material. The Regimes Museum commits its resources to acquiring those artifacts that serve to fill in necessary gaps, are items of historical and cultural significance, or are in danger of being destroyed or removed from public access. The Museum strives to preserve these artifacts and make them available to scholars for research and open to public interest.

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Visiting Collections

The Regimes Museum enjoys an ever growing network and has space available for visiting exhibits and collections. Since repressive regimes are numerous, visiting collections offer guests a glimpse at other dictatorships or topics pertaining to human rights issues.

Museum Programs and Events

In preserving the reality of the regimes of the past and portraying the lessons they provide to the present, the collection shows the detrimental phenomenon of repressive rogue governments as they existed in the various nations and cultures they took root in. Through the Museum’s exhibitions, coursework, events, conferences, and other activities, a platform has been created to examine dictatorship in the diverse cultures in order to reflect, cultivate opinions, draw similarities and differences, influence perspectives, and to see how these entities affect and shape the present and future. The Museum is also host to special events to increase awareness about the Museum and to help support ongoing operations. Check out the current and upcoming events by joining our Email List or get an overview of previous functions and programs in the News and Events section.

Archive and Research Requests

Contact us to inquire about materials we have in our holdings or to set up an appointment for further consultation,