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Welcome to the Regimes Museum Media Room. This section of our web site is intended to serve as an information center that will give you an overview of the Regimes Museum, its members, and its programs. Images provided here are courtesy of the Regimes Museum and may be used for press and media related coverage.

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Founding Story

The idea for starting what would become the Regimes Museum began with a blood stained armband from one of the most notorious regimes in history. With a passion for learning anything and everything about World War II, object collecting began in 2003 in a more personal effort to not just read about war stories but to be surrounded by the items that made up that era in history. Although this was not a popular subject to be interested in, Dr. Voss found a friend in Mr. Ogden, who also shared a deep passion for history and a strong desire to understand how regimes like those that came and went during World War II came to exist as well as how they ruled over people so completely. On a personal level, what became apparent was that dictatorships were a common phenomenon across the globe and throughout history. This realization ultimately led to questions around why we, as human beings in a well connected world with the finest technological innovations, still have dictatorships and totalitarianism. By the end of 2013 both Mr. Ogden and Dr. Voss came together to start the education-based non profit organization called Regimes Museum to research and learn from the past to help shed a light on crimes of rogue regimes, genocide, wars, human rights issues, and more. The founders and all of the staff and volunteers who are drawn to seek the truth and help spread awareness on these important issues have helped shape the Museum and its overall mission to educate and make accessible a one-of-a-kind archive of the world’s worst totalitarian systems in an effort to prevent human rights violations through democide and repression to come about again.


The Regimes Museum is the culmination of an effort to collect, preserve, and archive material, artifacts, eyewitness accounts, and stories from some of the most notorious regimes of the twentieth-century. It is both a museum and an educational institution that serves scholars, students, and the general public on a very important topic. Our motto is to learn about the phenomenon of tyranny, dictatorship, and repression across history and culture to spread hope, peace, freedom, and awareness on human rights issues. Our objective, beyond the preservation and displaying of objects and eyewitness accounts, is to become the premier educational and research institution that provides resources to students, scholars, and the general public while simultaneously enriching our local community and honoring and supporting our veterans

Projects and Programs Overview


A more detailed description of each program can be found on our Participate page.


Marc Voss is the Founder and Executive Director of the Regimes Museum. He received a double Bachelor’s while simultaneously completing his Master’s at the University of California, Los Angeles. He has a Doctorate in History. Today, he works as an adjunct faculty member, is the publisher and lead editor of the R.M. Journal, and has authored several works.

Brenton Ronald Ogden III is the Co-founder and Associate Director.  He has taught and volunteered at local California museums and for the last twelve years. He works as an IT analyst and Property Manager. He has his Bachelor’s degree from Concordia University of Irvine with an emphasis on business administration and leadership.

Andy To is the editor of the Regimes Museum Journal. He joined the Museum team in December 2014 and is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree from California State University, Fullerton. As an avid historian, Andy now dedicates his time to helping the Museum collect and preserve oral histories and transcribing them for the Journal.

James Segerstrom is Regimes Museum’s archivist and collections registrar. He is a fifth generation Orange County native whose family helped mold Orange County into what it is today. Mr. Segerstrom’s background includes serving in the California State Military Reserve where he is assigned to the military history unit. He has participated in Archival missions for the CSMR. He also serves as the archivist for the Newport Beach Historical Society. James has a life long passion for history and looks forward to serving our local community.

Heather Moore is a vocational musician and educator with a passion for history. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Instrumental Performance from the Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music at Chapman University, where she extensively studied the theoretical and historical aspects of her trade. She enjoys researching music of all different time periods and its relation to politics, culture, and everyday life.

Ryan Fabre is currently a student at Saddleback Community College. He is in the process of obtaining a BA in Political Science and a Masters in History. For four years he lived in Paris, France. He is most interested in World War II and the Cold War. He is also interested in Tennis and economics.

Spencer Stepnicka is the Museum secretary. He received his Bachelors from the University of California, Irvine with a Major in International Studies and a Minor in history. He has worked in several industries including financial services, marketing services, and tech start-ups. He is also an avid researcher and joys engaging in discussions about politics, globalism, and history.

Layla Littlemeyer is the Director of Research and Social Media for Regimes Museum. She has two Associate Degrees in Anthropology and Behavioral Sciences, both of which underpin her passion for the study of history and human cultures. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology.

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