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The Regimes Museum Journal is a dedicated publication for academics, scholars, and students to have an opportunity to publish their research while enjoying the works of other contributors as well. The R.M. Journal is intended for peer reviewed professional research articles that deal with human rights issues, repressive regimes, war, and other topics related to these general fields. All work submitted will be examined and some will be selected to be published in the Journal. Please see our submission form below.

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R.M. Journal Article Submission Form

Since the R.M. Journal is a peer reviewed academic journal for history, papers that deal with dictatorship, war, repression, genocide, human rights issues, and other topics of this nature are sought specifically. It should also be noted that while the Museum deals with regimes of the 20th and 21st centuries, the Journal seeks papers on all time periods including current human rights issues as well. Contributors are generally broken down into three categories, each with their own featured section in the Journal.

Category one is designated for professors, scholars, and academics that study history and related fields*. In this section, professional researchers will have a chance to share their research with fellow scholars and the general public. Academics who submit material for publication must go through a peer review process prior to being published.

Category two is dedicated for young researchers that have done work in history or a related field as a student of a university. This part of the Journal provides an opportunity for young researchers to share their work and ideas with professionals, their peers, and the general public. Graduate and undergraduate students who wish to publish are also subject to an academic review process prior to publication.

Category three is for individuals who are not affiliated with an educational institution but wish to share their stories or research. This section provides journalists, private researchers, and individuals or families who lived under a regime or dictatorship with an opportunity to share their stories or work that would generally not be available to a wide audience.

Criteria to Publish

Educational institutions, museums, and archives can also use the R. M. Journal as a way to publicize events, exhibits, and new programs as well. If you wish to use the Journal to share news about your institution please email us at regimesmuseum@gmail.com and send us any information you would like published in the Journal. This can include upcoming programs and events as well as news regarding your institution. Images and texts must belong to your institution and you, as the contributor, give the Regimes Museum and the R.M. Journal permission to use said information for publication and distribution. In order for your work to be considered for the R.M. Journal, you must follow specific criteria;

1. All work sent for consideration must be your work entirely and not plagiarized or copied from other sources. We also do not accept work that has been published previously. A peer review process is in place for all academics, scholars, and students.

2. All sources used must be cited. You may use MLA, APA, or Chicago style.

3. Any images or graphics you would like us to use for your work must be your own, used with permission from the owner, or can be public domain if it is indicated.

*No copy-protected material of any kind will be used unless a permit of use has been granted to the Regimes Museum by the owner. As an academic publication, the Regimes Museum Journal strives for excellence and therefore your work must be your very best as well.


*Please Note*

The editors reserve the right to edit, alter, or reject any work submitted. For more information on how to become a contributor, please contact regimesmusem@gmail.com. *While history is the central focus, papers from other disciplines are accepted if they deal with the subject matter. The editors will determine papers selected for publication. If you have work that has appeared in another publication and you wish to have it appear in the R.M. Journal, it may not be the exact same piece of work. It can be a summary or a re-written version. The editors reserve the right to refuse any publication and are not responsible for or endorse any statements made by a contributor. All opinions and statements made by a contributor are solely their own.

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